Ja trochu inak...Keď mám svoj deň alebo čo človek dokáže

Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth. -Picasso

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What is art? And what is truth? If we think the truth is reality, then art cannot be lie. Because art is not only paintings and drawings, but also theater, music and movies. Even the nature around us can be art and it is. Every day is unique and special from another. It is not the same and daily life is the same. Through art we can be aware of reality, past and all what is happening. We can feel and see the truth from art.

I disagree with this Picasso's quote, because many paintings and all art is based on the truth and reality. Painters and all artists are inspired by reality, daily life and the truth. Even if the painting is abstract, dreamy and unrealistic, symbols in it lead to the real life and life of painter. Every kind of art speaks about the truth and reality, in every art we can find the truth or message for us. Art can bring people together, even from different cultures and communities. It is universal language for people. Many kinds of art shows feelings of artist.

We think art is lie or the painting, which we are looking at, is not real, we have to find something behind it, the symbols and secret meaning. But in my opinion not every artist hid something in his/her work. I am also artist and I paint and draw, because I like something what I saw and I do not want to forget it or I just want to use some scenery in my book, which I am writing. We can connect events from artists' work to their life and see their style in it. Art is lie, because it can be too surrealistic, too abstract and we just can not understand what it is or what meaning it has. Then for many people the art is a lie and it means nothing for them. Appreciate art even if it does not tell you anything and means nothing for you.


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