Ja trochu inak...Keď mám svoj deň alebo čo človek dokáže

When you became a murderer

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I was going to school like any other normal girl...... I liked studying.... I had the best marks in the class....... But one day after I ended high school and first 3 years of university, everything changed..... I came home like I usually did...... That day my brother came home late at night...... He was bleeding.... Someone beated him..... attacked him......

After time he spent in hospital, he couldn't look at his face....... He had scars on his face, broken nose, so now....... He became uglier than he was...... Her girlfriend broke up with him...... He hated himself.....

One evening day I decided to help him.... to like himself again...... I was cutting my cheeks until I have a big smile on face...... Then I glued together my eyelids and my skin...... I cut my wrists and forearms.....

Next I went to my brother's room to show him my new face..... He screamed out: "Monsteeeer!" He doesn't want to see me...... I started to cry, then I stabbed him with a knife, which I was still holding in my hand....

"I love you. Sorry for that."

It's the last thing he heard. Then I went to my room. I met my mother on her way to brother's room. I was lucky enough, that a hall had no lights, because she would scream as well......

I needed to stop her. So when she asked me, what happened to brother, I gave her hug and my knife ended in her loving heart. "Sorry that I love you."

I put gently her dead body on the floor and went to parents' room. My dad woke up and asked what I need.

"Sorry that I love you. But mum will be sad without you."

Then he saw the knife in my hand, but it was too late for him. The knife went straight to his heart.

So I had to leave that house. I packed some of my things and I took as many knives as I can with my black coat and white sweater. I moved to abandoned house, which is at fringe of a town. Nobody ever sees me again, only my victims before their death.


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