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Články za mesiac November 2017

When you became a murderer

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I was going to school like any other normal girl...... I liked studying.... I had the best marks in the class....... But one day after I ended high school and first 3 years of university, everything changed..... I came home like I usually did...... That day my brother came home late at night...... He was bleeding.... Someone beated him..... attacked him......After time he spent in hospital, he couldn't look at his face....... He had scars on his face, broken nose, so now....... He became uglier… Celý článok ›

Her old life

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I'm afraid..... I don't know what to do.... I'm just new in this..... In this school.... I'm afraid, I won't be able to answer on questions.... I just don't know... I'm alone.... All by myself..... I'm afraid, I'll fall...... Teachers say, that nobody cares for you... I'm afraid, that's not true..... Yeah.... I know the reason.... I'm afraid of bullying..... Yeah.... My.... not my, but gymnasium, where I went.... there was less bullying..... maybe 'coz there were nuns... but now.... this is… Celý článok ›

Article: Contemporary Anglophone Literature & the Problem of Critical Thinking

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Author note: Original article is from Anton Pokrivčák. This is my reflection to his article about Contemporary Anglophone Literature and the Problem of Critical Thinking. You can find it on the Internet under the name as it is in the chapter. This was my work for subject in the college, which I am now attending. I think Pokrivčák's claims and thoughts were argued and supported enough. He stated that many literature professors and even literary critics are only looking at the surface and use… Celý článok ›

Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth. -Picasso

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What is art? And what is truth? If we think the truth is reality, then art cannot be lie. Because art is not only paintings and drawings, but also theater, music and movies. Even the nature around us can be art and it is. Every day is unique and special from another. It is not the same and daily life is the same. Through art we can be aware of reality, past and all what is happening. We can feel and see the truth from art.I disagree with this Picasso's quote, because many paintings and all art… Celý článok ›